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Disability Support Services & Programs

Since our beginning in 1899, Royal Rehab has been providing support services for people with disabilities across Sydney. We work with you or your loved one to develop as much independence and quality of life as possible. Whether you are looking for a new home; drop-in, live-in or transitional support; getting involved in your community; or need assistance navigating services – our friendly and expert staff are ready to assist. 

Who can access our disability services?

Our disability services are available to adults with disabilities including those who have spinal injury, mental health diagnosis, brain injury, developmental disabilities and degenerative neurological conditions. We also welcome people with complex and changing healthcare needs, those with co-existing psychiatric disabilities or significant behaviours of concern.
You can contact our Disability Services on (02) 9808 9601 or email us

Disability Support Services We Can Help You With

Supported Independent Living (SIL) is an NDIS support service that involves supervision and assistance with daily everyday tasks to help people with disabilities live as independently as possible. At Royal Rehab, we offer this service as part of a shared group-home environment, or alternatively, as a drop-in service in your personal homes across Sydney.

Whether you are looking for supports in your home or one of ours, you can benefit from the following services: 

• Assistance with personal care routines such as showering, dressing and toileting 

• Assistance with household tasks such as shopping, preparing meals and cleaning 

• Active overnight and/or sleepover support 

• Assistance with complex medical needs 

• Positive behaviour support management 

• Clinical support such as administering medication and management of issues such as bowel care, catheter, epilepsy, asthma and tube feeding

Try new things, learn new skills or get involved in your community with our In-Community Support service including: 

• Initial goal and service planning session 

• Support to travel on public transport 

• Support to take part in an activity in the community or at home.

Disability Services Funding

Our disability services and  accommodation can be funded in different ways. Our friendly and expert staff will work with you to find and apply for the right funding and help you through the process.

Royal Rehab is an NDIS registered provider and all our disability support services and accommodation can be accessed through NDIS funding under the categories of Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) and Supported Independent Living (SIL). It is important that you have, or are applying for, the correct funding from the NDIS.

Royal Rehab use prices as set by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) and as published in the NDIS Support Catalogue when charging for NDIS related services. All fees and charges will be detailed within your Service Agreement.

You can also access our accommodation under individually funded support packages including iCare, workers compensation and insurance core supports. This includes funded disability services either agency managed, self-managed or a combination of both.

You can contact our Disability Services on (02) 9808 9601 or email us.

NDIS funded disability services

NDIS funded services

Royal Rehab is a NDIS registered provider.

icare funded services

Royal Rehab disability support services may be funded through icare.