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Driver Assessment and Training Service Sydney

Driving is important to most of us and it’s a freedom we often take for granted. An injury, illness or disability can affect your ability to drive, potentially with a big impact on your independence.


Royal Rehab’s Driver Assessment and Training Service supports people with disabilities or illnesses to commence or return to driving.

Our service is run by our Driver Trained Occupational Therapists – who have completed recognised postgraduate studies in Driver Assessment and Training and are registered with the Roads and Maritime Services NSW – and rehabilitation driving instructors. Using dual control vehicles, our team will work with you to assess, advise and offer support through all the necessary steps toward independent driving.

Royal Rehab was one of the first to offer driving rehabilitation and assessment services so you can be confident you are in the hands of experts with extensive experience.

Operated five days per week, you will find our service has shorter waiting lists than most other providers and no geographical boundaries apply within NSW.

To proceed with a driving assessment, you will require a Learners permit and clearance from your doctor.

Benefit from…

  • Graded rehabilitation programs tailored to suit all ages
  • Defensive driving techniques and driver education
  • Advice on vehicle modification and equipment installation
  • Access to a modified vehicle and direct support to attend a Roads and Maritime Service Disability Test
  • Access to trial a range of vehicle modifications such as left foot accelerator, hand controls, electronic brakes and accelerators, spinner knobs and satellite accelerators
  • Licensing support
  • Advocacy and support with insurance schemes or compensable third-party payers
  • Operated five days per week with short wait times
  • No geographical boundaries in NSW

For further information on the service you can call 02 9808 9328 or email

Steps to your assessment

The assessment you undertake with our Driver Assessment and Training Service is different from the standard Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) driving test. The assessment is broken into four parts which include:



A doctor will complete the initial medical assessment based on RMS guidelines. If you’re considered medically fit to undergo the assessment, an appointment will be made.


Off-Road Assessment

Your driving history, visual and physical status, thinking skills, and capabilities will be assessed together with your knowledge of current road laws and rules.


The On-Road Assessment

An occupational therapist and driving instructor will assess you using our dual-control automatic vehicle. Your control of the vehicle and driving in varying conditions will be reviewed; taking into account your past driving experience, an unfamiliar car and the fact that it is an assessment situation.


Feedback and Discussion

Results and recommendations will be discussed at the end of the assessment, so you are clear on the outcome and our recommendations to the RMS.

Following these assessments, we’ll give you a comprehensive report with detailed information about your driving performance together with recommendations. These may include:

  • The go-ahead for you to return to driving
  • Modifications to your vehicle together with a series of lessons
  • Driving lessons to upgrade your skills
  • Referral to other health professionals e.g. orthoptist, psychologist
  • Temporary suspension of your licence while you further recover
  • Return to driving with restrictions
  • Forfeiting of your driving licence and support and advice on alternative transport options.

For people who require vehicle modifications, Royal Rehab conducts the lessons and then assists clients to attend the required RMS disability test. The lessons and test are conducted in one of our vehicles and aims to ensure the client can use the modifications successfully.

If the client requires approval for funding to obtain vehicle modifications, we can also complete an assessment and prescription via a report to apply for such funding. For those clients self-purchasing their modifications, we refer our clients to a wide range of vehicle modifications suppliers, depending on their needs.

Assessing Fitness to Drive

RMS Fit to Drive

Different funding options are available to assist you to cover the cost of your occupational therapy driving assessment and lessons. Please contact our friendly staff who can provide more detail on specific options for your individual circumstances.

Examples of funding options you may be entitled to include:


If you are a participant on the NDIS, you may be eligible for funding to undergo a driver assessment, lessons and funding for any required car modifications. We can provide you with the information you will require to ensure that this funding in your plan prior to booking your assessment.

WorkCover/icare/Third Party Compensable Schemes

If you are eligible for claiming medical and rehabilitation expenses through Workcover, icare, or other insurers we can provide a quote to submit for approval prior to booking your assessment.

Private Health Insurance

Rebates are available through Private Health Insurance companies if you have ancillary cover for Occupational Therapy. Please contact your insurance provider to check the actual rebate for this service and advise us if you need a receipt for claiming.


You can also self-fund your assessment and lessons.


NDIS funded services

Royal Rehab is an approved NDIS provider.


icare funded services

Royal Rehab services may be funded through icare.

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