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Adaptive Sport, Recreation and Leisure Services Sydney

If you are living with a disability or the side effects of an illness or injury, getting into sport, recreation and leisure pursuits can seem out of reach.


From cycling and tennis, to fishing and beach access— there’s something for everyone. We will work with you to develop individualised programs that are tailored to your needs, abilities and goals. We aim to support you to progressively develop the skills and confidence to independently participate. Combine our expertise, our extensive range of adaptive equipment and your passion and you’ll be back in the game in no time!

  • Trial of recreation and leisure activities including use of adaptive equipment
  • Skill development via individual or group program
  • Education and training in modified recreational and leisure pursuits
  • Assistive technology prescription – includes adaptive sporting equipment
  • Linkage to community resources and programs
  • Adapted sport programs

Recreational Therapy at Royal Rehab

Royal Rehab runs one of the largest recreational therapy services for people with disability. We aim to support you to develop the skills and confidence to independently participate in activities that you enjoy. From cycling and tennis, to fishing and beach access – there’s something for everyone.

Get back to the things you love or try something new

Adaptive Sport & Leisure Services Sydney.


Want to keep active while being social, tennis is a popular choice. Our spacious campus includes on-site tennis hard courts which are perfect for players using wheelchairs. We have all the equipment you need and expert staff to assist.


Sydney Recreational Therapy.
Rehab Recreational Therapy Sydney.


For cardiovascular fitness and muscle strength, there’s nothing like cycling. Whether you would like to ride socially or competitively, we can assist with everything from equipment prescription to skill development. We have a range of adaptive cycles available including handcycles and recumbent cycles and social cycling HUBs.


Beach Access

Enjoy the benefits of sun, sand and sea with adaptive beach wheelchairs and other water-based equipment. Whether paddling, swimming or body surfing is your thing, our experienced recreational therapists can support you with knowledge and practical skills around water safety and mobility.

fishing-rod copy.


Fishing promotes relaxation and helps relieve stress. We make fishing easily accessible for those who have experienced disability or injury. Trial adaptive fishing equipment and work with qualified recreational therapists and find out more about accessible fishing locations.


Our recreational therapists can support you to access the beach…

  • Trial beach wheelchairs and other equipment
  • Learn about beach safety
  • Learn from peers

See the map below for the equipment available across NSW beaches.



Map Key



Our service can be funded through icare and other third party insurers or the NDIS (under Improved Daily Living or Social and Community Participation). The option to self fund is also available. (Please note Medicare or any such schemes do not cover this service). We will provide you with an assessment by our recreational therapists prior to any individual or group attendance.

Get started or refer to this service

 We welcome enquiries from the general public and health professionals.
A referral is not required to access our adaptive sport, recreation and leisure service.
Simply contact us to see how we can help on P: 02 9808 9369


NDIS funded services

Royal Rehab is an approved NDIS provider.


icare funded services

Royal Rehab services may be funded through icare.

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