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Dr Clayton King MB BS FAFRM (RACP)

Director Medical Services

A rehabilitation physician with over two-decades of experience as Medical Director of the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Service, including inpatient and Brain Injury Community Rehabilitation Services, Dr King is currently appointed at Royal North Shore Hospital and Royal Rehab.

Dr King’s medical career includes positions at St Vincent’s and Royal Prince Alfred Hospitals as well as being a past member of the Motor Accidents Council, Motor Accidents Authority of NSW and various committees of the Ministry of Health and the Australasian Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine.

Dr King’s experience includes research and teaching at undergraduate and post-graduate levels in brain injury rehabilitation.


Professor James Middleton


Professor Middleton is a consultant physician with over 25 years’ clinical and research experience in the field of spinal cord injury medicine and rehabilitation. Since 2006, he has worked as a clinical director of the State Spinal Cord Injury Service at the NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation providing advice and clinical leadership. Professor Middleton is also senior medical specialist for the Spinal Outreach Service. Prior to these roles, Professor Middleton held the position of medical director of the Moorong Spinal Unit at Royal Rehab.  He holds an academic appointment as Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine at The University of Sydney, John Walsh Centre for Rehabilitation Research, Faculty of Medicine and Health; and the Kolling Institute of Medical Research, Royal North Shore Hospital.



Dr Stuart Browne


Dr Browne is a senior staff specialist in the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Unit at Royal Rehab. He has extensive experience in brain injury rehabilitation, having worked in the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Service since 2003. He conducts regular brain injury rehabilitation clinics in metropolitan and regional hospitals and works closely with allied health professionals within the Brain Injury Community Rehabilitation Team.

Dr Browne has a strong interest in education and frequently presents to rehabilitation medicine trainee specialists. He is also a clinical senior lecturer at the Northern Clinical School of the University of Sydney and has tutored numerous students in the philosophy and principles of rehabilitation medicine. Dr Browne has co-authored a number of papers on traumatic brain injury research topics including the study of post-traumatic amnesia, cognitive assessment.

Private Hospital Ryde, SydneyPrivate Hospital Ryde, Sydney

Dr Tram Bui

FAFRM (RACP), MBBS, MPH, MBA (Health Management)

Dr Tram Bui undertook her medicine training at the University of Sydney and completed her Fellowship with Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine, graduating in 2001 with the Basmajian Prize for best overall performance in her final exams.  Dr Bui has a clinical background in geriatrics, general and brain injury rehabilitation.

Dr Bui was the director of training and a senior staff specialist at Bankstown Hospital prior to moving to Royal Rehab Private Hospital. During that time, Dr Bui gained expertise in geriatric and orthopaedic rehabilitation. Dr Bui works in the Brain Injury Community Rehabilitation Team and specialises in neurological rehabilitation.


Dr Grace Leong


Dr Grace Leong is a rehabilitation medicine physician with sub-specialty interests in spinal cord injury and neurological rehabilitation, with expertise in bladder, bowel, sexuality, fertility, spasticity and pain management. She completed her medical degree at the University of New South Wales with honours, and a rehabilitation specialty fellowship in 2006. After completing her postgraduate training, she was the lead author in research conducted at Royal North Shore Hospital, looking at developing reproducible assessments in spinal cord injury impairment and function.

Dr Leong currently works as a senior staff specialist in spinal cord injury with the state-wide Spinal Outreach Service and is also the deputy director of Medical Services. She is a clinical lecturer at the University of Sydney and is a visiting medical officer at Royal Rehab Private Hospital and at Mount Wilga Private Hospital.


Dr Gerard Weber


Dr Gerard Weber specialises in spinal and rehabilitation medicine and obtained a Fellowship from Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine at the Royal Australasian College of Physicians in 2001. Since 2002, Dr Weber has worked as a rehabilitation medicine physician in spinal services and general rehabilitation services.

Dr Weber has been a staff specialist at the Spinal Injury Unit at Royal Rehab since November 2003 and a medical director since 2006.

Dr Weber is also involved with Royal Rehab’s Spinal Outreach Service, working in rural clinics since 2009. He is currently a senior clinical lecturer at School of Medicine Sydney at the University of Notre Dame.


Dr Roxana Heriseanu


Dr Roxana Heriseanu is a rehabilitation medicine physician with more than 16 years’ experience who has an established practice both in the public and private sectors. She is currently a senior staff specialist in the Spinal Injury Unit at Royal Rehab, a visiting medical officer at Alwyn Private Hospital, Westmead Private Hospital, Norwest Private Hospital and Royal Rehab Private Hospital.

Dr Heriseanu’s areas of interest are spinal cord injuries rehabilitation, orthopaedic rehabilitation, spasticity management, osteoporosis prevention and treatment, geriatric reconditioning, cardiac rehabilitation, chronic pain management and multi-trauma management. Dr Heriseanu’s clinical work is enhanced by her research experience. She has participated in research projects in traumatic brain injury as a postgraduate research fellow and co-authored publications in this field.


Dr Stella Engel (SOS Rural clinics)


Dr Engel is a senior staff specialist for NSW Spinal Outreach Service, senior staff specialist in rehabilitation and spinal medicine at the Prince of Wales Hospital SIU and conjoint lecturer at the Department of Community Medicine at the University of New South Wales.

Dr Engel has represented Australia on the board of the International Spinal Cord Society as well as participated in the development of guidelines and community integration projects. Her research interests include osteoporosis after spinal cord injury (SCI), foetal outcomes of traumatic SCI during pregnancy and venous thrombosis after SCI.


Dr Susan Rutkowski (SOS Rural Clinics)


Dr Sue Rutkowski has more than 40 years’ experience in treating persons with spinal cord injury. Dr Rutkowski commenced as a spinal injury registrar at Royal North Shore Hospital (RNSH)in 1972, and for the past 10 years as Director of the Spinal Cord Injury Unit RNSH.

Dr Rutkowski has a long association with Royal Rehab, commencing from the early days visiting patients in Coorabel and residents in Weemala. She was Medical Director of Moorong Spinal Unit between 1995-96 and currently is a part-time senior staff specialist with the NSW Spinal Outreach Service.

Her clinical role with the NSW Spinal Outreach Service is assisting with setting up multidisciplinary clinics in rural areas throughout NSW. Dr Rutkowski is also a clinical senior lecturer at the University of Sydney.



Dr Peter Sturgess (SOS Rural Clinics)


Dr Sturgess is a rehabilitation physician and fellow of the Australasian Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine. Dr Sturgess specialises in spinal cord injury and general rehabilitation and works as a staff specialist with the NSW Spinal Outreach Service, as well as staff specialist roles at the Royal North Shore Hospital in spinal cord injury rehabilitation, and Prince of Wales Hospital in general rehabilitation.

Dr Sturgess has a background in public health and education and is interested in preventative medicine and improving the health self-efficacy of his patients.  Dr Sturgess comes from Cooma, in rural NSW, and enjoys rural clinics and telehealth clinics to improve health access for his rural clients.  He is also involved in education for registrars, medical students, nursing, allied health and the general public, and is a University of New South Wales clinical mentor for medical students.


Our allied health expertise

At Royal Rehab we bring you a skilled and compassionate team of multidisciplinary allied heath professionals who work collaboratively so you benefit from their combined expertise. Our rehabilitation programs are individually tailored to meet the goals of each person and draw on the most appropriate skill sets of our professionals to achieve the best outcomes for clients.

Our specialist nurses

Our rehabilitation nursing team plays an important role in assessing and managing health issues associated with disability and illness. Adopting a wellness model of care, our skilled and compassionate team provide therapeutic interventions and advise on managing your health while living well. Our nurses can support with such areas as continence and scripting; education and strategies to manage bladder and bowel issues; skin, pressure and wound management and prevention strategies; and medication advice.

Our nurses work collaboratively with a full team of allied health therapists and rehabilitation specialists – something very few other providers can offer. It all adds up to a comprehensive and intensive commitment to helping you reach your goals sooner so you can live the life you want.