Multiple Sclerosis Treatment & Management Sydney

Royal Rehab Private leads the way in the treatment and management of  multiple sclerosis.

Royal Rehab Private operates as part of Royal Rehab, a leading not-for-profit provider of rehabilitation and disability services for over 120 years in Sydney.

What is MS?

“Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a condition of the central nervous system, interfering with nerve impulses within the brain, spinal cord and optic nerves. It is characterised by sclerosis a Greek word meaning scars. These scars occur within the central nervous system and depending on where they develop, manifest into various symptoms.” – (MS Australia)

How many people have MS?

It is reported that over 25,000 people in Australia suffer from MS and over two million people worldwide. The average age of those suffering from MS is between 20-40, however it can affect both younger and older people too.

Symptoms of MS

MS symptoms can be different and unpredictable for each individual. The symptoms can also differ depending on the part of the central nervous system that is affected and to what degree.

The symptoms can be any combination of the five major health problems including; motor control, fatigue, continence care, neuropsychological symptoms and Other neurological symptoms.

Rehabiliation Management For MS

For those experiencing disabilities following multiple sclerosis Royal Rehab Private Hospital offers unparalleled expertise. We help make advancements in your abilities, confidence and quality of life. Our innovative, evidence-based programs are individually tailored, based on mutually-agreed and meaningful goals. 

The multidisciplinary team of health professionals will meet regularly to assess your progress and work closely with you throughout your journey.

Our programs focus specifically on improving areas such as overall body strength, balance, walking, hand dexterity, swallowing, cognitive impairment and communication issues.

For more information contact our inpatient referrals on (02) 9809 9011 or day rehabilitation on (02) 9808 0522.

Customised for You

ü  Your program will be overseen by a team of highly-trained rehabilitation specialists.
ü  You can choose a combination of health disciplines to suit your needs.
ü  Your program will be personalised to achieve your goals.

ü  You will achieve better results thanks to our high staff to client ratio.
ü  You will be assessed in real-time as you progress for each session.
ü  You are in safe hands with our reputation in care, specialising in brain and spinal cord injury.

For more information on our Day Program, contact us on (02) 9808 0522 or e-mail our friendly team.

Referring to Day Rehabilitation

Prior to commencing the Day Rehabilitation program, patients need to provide the following documents:

  • Referral letter from a general practitioner or treating medical officer
  • Completed Royal Rehab Private Day Program referral form
  • Funding details (i.e. private health insurance details or compensation details if the treatment is related to Workers Compensation or a third-party claim)

Upon receipt of your referral, an appointment will be scheduled with a rehabilitation specialist who will assess you and recommend an appropriate program.

Upon receipt of this recommended program, your scheduled appointments will be organised.

To refer to Day Rehabilitation you can fill out the online or PDF referral form.

You can contact Day Rehabilitation on (02) 9808 0522 or email us.

If you are wanting hydrotherapy as part of your program, you will need to be cleared medically by filling out the below clearance form.

Enquire today!

If you or a loved one could benefit from our Day Rehabilitation programs for multiple sclerosis, contact us today on (02) 9808 9222 or click below to enquire.