Royal Rehab Private hospital

For Inpatients

Welcome to our world-class rehabilitation facility

Royal Rehab Private Hospital brings together leading rehabilitation specialists with skilled and compassionate nurses and allied health professionals. There is simply no better place to build your independence, strength and abilities.

Our patients are our priority and we are committed to delivering excellence in clinical care. In the following sections you will find all you need to know about your stay at Royal Rehab Private Hospital. Feel free to contact us should you have any questions about your upcoming stay by phoning 02 9809 9011 between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm.


Pre-admission is an important part of your hospital care. To ensure we can confirm your admission, financial and other arrangements, we ask that you fill in our online admission form.

Please have the following information ready when you fill in your online form:

  • Personal/next of kin details
  • Medicare card

Funding details such as private health insurance, DVA, WorkCover or self-funding

  • Benefit details such as pharmacy benefit card or pension cards

If you have any questions about your admission, please telephone 02 9809 9011 between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm or send us an email.

Once we have received your referral, our Referral Coordinator will call you to discuss your suitability for a rehabilitation program, the admission process, length of stay and any questions you may have.

We will liaise with your health fund and advise you of any out of pocket expenses you might be responsible for. These may include pharmacy items, transport fees and specialty tests. You will be asked to sign a health fund claim form which allows us to claim on your behalf upon admission. Patients are also able to self-fund their rehabilitation.


You may require the following items when staying as an inpatient at Royal Rehab Private Hospital:

  • Medicare card
  • Pharmaceutical, Pension or DVA cards
  • Private health insurance membership card
  • Relevant X-rays and test results
  • Glasses and physical aids (walking sticks, hearing aids, dentures etc)
  • Payment options to cover any out of pocket or gap expenses
  • All medications you are currently taking and any prescriptions
  • Personal toiletries – toothbrush, toothpaste and soap
  • Sleep wear, dressing gown and appropriate footwear (such as non-slip slippers)
  • Practical loose-fitting clothing that is easy to take on and off (such as tracksuits, shorts and t-shirts)
  • Lace up supportive footwear (joggers or walking shoes)
  • Swimwear (for hydrotherapy)
  • Books and reading material

What not to bring

Please do not bring any unnecessary items of value as Royal Rehab Private Hospital cannot accept responsibility for loss, theft or damage to personal items.

Day of admission

If you are coming from an acute hospital, that facility will coordinate transport for you either by hospital transport or ambulance. If you are coming directly from home, you will need to arrange your own transport.

Please check in with Royal Rehab Reception in the main foyer at the time indicated by your doctor. You will then be directed to the Admissions area where you will be assessed by the Medical Officer and nursing staff. The allied health members of your rehabilitation team will also assess you, and your rehabilitation treatment plan will be established and therapies scheduled.

Following the first case conference, we will confirm your estimated date of discharge. Our patient care coordinator will liaise with you to ensure you understand, and are happy with, your schedule. They will answer any questions you may have about your rehabilitation plan and therapy program.



Royal Rehab Private Hospital has been designed to provide an exceptional patient experience. Our patients receive personalised support and holistic, quality care from a skilled and caring team of health professionals under the direct supervision of leading rehabilitation specialists. We are proud of our high staff to patient ratio, and our innovative, evidence-based inpatient and day rehabilitation programs, as they lead the way in rehabilitation medicine.

Our facility is purpose-built and boasts modern gyms, a hydrotherapy pool and spacious outdoor areas with peaceful landscaped gardens. The contemporary hotel-style accommodation features 24 private rooms with spacious ensuites – many also have balconies and views. Nutritional balanced and tasty meals are a highlight of a stay at our facility with all meals prepared using fresh ingredients.

Additionally, there are two onsite cafes. Our main café Dolcini on the Hill is located on level one of the main building. In the summer months, Dolcini on the Hill Kiosk is open which is situated at the rear of the main building next to the Clive Austin Conference Centre.


Click here to download a map of Royal Rehab.

Royal Rehab Private Hospital Inpatients Unit accepts patients who:

  • have private health insurance
  • have workers compensation
  • have been accepted into the Lifetime Care and Support Scheme (iCare)
  • are self-funded (please contact our Referral Coordinator to obtain a quote if self-funding)

Royal Rehab Private Hospital accepts patients from most health insurance funds. Please contact our Referral Coordinator to determine if you are covered for rehabilitation.

After our Referral Coordinator processes your referral, we will conduct  a health fund check.  Fees and charges are dependent upon your health fund and level of cover. We suggest you check with your health fund to find out whether there will be any exclusions, excess payments or co-payments applicable to your level of cover. Your health fund will estimate a time period for your treatment and any stay outside of this may incur an out of pocket expense.

Our Admissions Officer will be able to provide you with a fees estimate for your hospital stay only. Please note this estimate does not cover fees for radiology, pharmacy or pathology.

These services are delivered by third-party providers, so fees may be billed separately and sent to you directly for payment.


Prior to admission, you will be given an estimated length of stay as your first goal to work towards. The estimated length of stay is determined by industry benchmarks set for your specific condition and is used as a guide for planning your rehabilitation program.

All members of your rehabilitation team will work with you to achieve your rehabilitation goals within your estimated length of stay. Since each person progresses through their rehabilitation at a different pace, however, rehabilitation may continue after discharge, either at home via a home-based treatment or our Day Rehabilitation program.

Throughout your stay with us, you and your designated family members will be consulted and kept informed of your progress towards the discharge date, and any arrangements we have made on your behalf to ensure you are safe and ready for discharge.

Discharge reports from medical, nursing and allied health services will be provided to your general practitioner, and any other service providers involved in your ongoing care.

Your doctor will be happy to help in any way they can, and you will be given the appropriate numbers to call if required.

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