Day Rehabilitation Programs


For over 40 years, LSVT programs have helped millions of people with Parkinson's Disease through evidence-based activities that help develop cognitive and physical ability. Take control today and think BIG and LOUD with LSVT.


LSVT stands for Lee Silverman Voice Treatment. Lee Silverman was a woman living with Parkinson’s disease in the 1980s, and the first person to benefit from specialised voice treatment. LSVT programs have been scientifically studied and developed for around 30 years, and over the past 10 years have expanded with two varying programs BIG and LOUD. 

LSVT programs are evidence-based treatment protocols designed to improve the speech and movement of people with Parkinson’s disease. These programs are based on the principles of neuro plasticity – the brain’s ability to change. Our therapists are certified to deliver these specially designed one-on-one programs that will help you apply what you learn during treatment to your everyday life.

Who is LSVT for?

LSVT BIG and LSVT LOUD are designed for those with Parkinson’s disease at all levels. Depending on your needs, you can choose either one or both programs for your rehabilitation. These programs can be done in conjunction with one another to get maximum results in both physical and cognitive development.

What are the benefits of LSVT?

The benefits of LSVT BIG include:
  • Increase in speed and mobility
  • Increase in functionality
  • Better balance
The benefits of LSVT Loud include:
  • Increase in volume
  • Improvement in articulation
  • Improvement in intonation
  • Improvement in confidence and communication skills

What’s the difference between LSVT BIG and LOUD?

LSVT BIG is a physical exercise treatment that takes a holistic approach to improve mobility, as well as non-motor symptoms of Parkinson’s disease such as emotional and cognitive changes. It is tailored to your individualised goals and abilities. It trains people with Parkinson’s disease to use the use their body in regular movement and actions. It is tailored to each person’s unique abilities and is often prescribed as part of a physiotherapy or occupational therapy treatment plan. Participation in a LSVT BIG treatment can lead to faster walking better balance and improved motor function.

LSVT LOUD is a speech treatment that involves a series of exercises and activities to improve voice quality and volume, articulation, inflection and intelligibility of speech. It may also assist with diminished facial expression and swallowing difficulties. It is an effective treatment method for people in all stages of Parkinson’s disease. LSVD LOUD clinicians will establish a plan so you can incorporate LSVT LOUD exercises into your everyday life.

Backed by research

LSVT has been around for over 40 years and has drastically improved the lives of many people with Parkinson’s disease. Depending on what journey you are on with Parkinson’s disease, our team of specialists will use evidence-based activities to develop your personalised program and to suit you and your individual goals.

Benefit from our multidisciplinary approach

LSVT BIG and LSVT LOUD are part of the Day Rehab program at Royal Rehab Private Hospital in Sydney. The Day Rehabilitation program is a multidisciplinary approach to physical rehabilitation that includes a minimum of two disciplines personalised to suit your needs. Other services offered by Royal Rehab Private Hospital include PD Warrior®, Exercise Physiology, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, Speech Pathology, Occupational Therapy and dietetics.

Each of our Day Rehabilitation programs run for a minimum of 1.5 hours (half day) or up to 3 hours (full day).

Referrals and Funding

To access the Day Rehab program, you will require GP referral and a completed Royal Rehab Private Day program referral form. You may be eligible for full funding through your health fund, third party or stakeholder (DVA, CTP, Workers Compensation), or be willing to self-fund the sessions. Please note, this program can be funded through most major health insurance companies. For more information on LSVT or on our Day Rehabilitation program, please contact (02) 9808 0522 to discuss.