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Rehab Exercise Physiologists

At Royal Rehab, we understand that after a major illness or surgery, it’s common to have issues with pain, weight gain, and functionality. Get your body moving and exceed your expectations with our popular Exercise Physiology program.

What is Exercise Physiology?

Exercise Physiology is an allied health discipline offered as part of the Royal Rehab Private Hospital Day Rehabilitation program in Sydney. Based on the global benefits of exercise, Exercise Physiology can improve your general health and well-being to support you to achieve your personal goals.

If you have experienced a major trauma, illness or surgery, it is likely you will find that the lack of movement can cause poor fitness, strength, endurance and general health. This is called ‘deconditioning’ and it can increase the incidence of falls, reduce your mobility and independence. Exercise Physiology plays an important role in addressing the effects of deconditioning, while building your strength and confidence.

Is exercise physiology right for me?

Everyone can benefit from a little exercise! Exercise Physiology, however, is tailor-made specifically for those that have overcome major trauma, post-operative surgery or those with neurological conditions like multiple sclerosis, a brain injury, or a stroke.

What are the benefits of exercise physiology?

Exercise Physiology helps to:

  • Regain strength and functionality
  • Increase flexibility
  • Reduce weight
  • Increase energy levels
  • Reduce joint stiffness and muscle pain

A customised approach

Our rehab exercises are personalised and include a unique combination of cardio, muscle training and gentle stretching; sometimes aided with the use of equipment within our specialised gym.

At Royal Rehab Private Hospital in Sydney, we understand there is no one size fits all approach. Our specialised team will create a unique exercise regime personalised for you to keep fit, strong and healthy and achieve your rehabilitation goals.

Benefit from our multidisciplinary approach

Exercise Physiology is part of the Day Rehab program at Royal Rehab Private Hospital. The Day Rehabilitation program is a multidisciplinary approach to physical rehabilitation that includes a minimum of two disciplines personalised to suit your needs. Other services offered by Royal Rehab Private Hospital include LSVT BIG and LSVT LOUD, (internationally renowned programs for Parkinson’s disease), PD Warrior®, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, Speech Pathology, Occupational Therapy and dietetics.

Each of our Day Rehabilitation programs run for a minimum of 1.5 hours (half day) or up to 3 hours (full day).

Referrals and Funding

To access the Day Rehab program, you will require GP referral and a completed Royal Rehab Private Day program referral form. You may be eligible for full funding through your health fund, third party or stakeholder (DVA, CTP, Workers Compensation), or be willing to self-fund the sessions. Please note, this program can be funded through most major health insurance companies. For more information on Exercise Physiology or on our Day Rehabilitation program, please contact (02) 9808 0522 to discuss.