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Day Rehabilitation Programs Sydney

Discover our day rehabilitation programs; perfect if you have rehabilitation needs and do not require the support of inpatient medical or nursing care.


The multidisciplinary clinical team at Day Rehabilitation develop personalised programs designed to achieve your rehabilitation goals. Our areas of expertise include:

Under the direction of leading rehabilitation specialists, our team will work collaboratively to provide you with holistic quality care. Our health disciplines include:

  • Hydrotherapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Exercise physiology
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech pathology
  • Nursing

Day Rehabilitation Program Services

We welcome you to attend Day Rehabilitation following an inpatient episode of care or if you have been referred by your general practitioner.

Our programs are offered in individual and group sessions. We have available full day programs (three hours of therapy per day) and a half day programs (1.5 hours of therapy per day). Full day and half day sessions are usually taken in eight sessions twice a week for four weeks. You can elect to divide your sessions into 30-minute blocks with any of the health disciplines as clinically beneficial. We also have hydrotherapy packages available and drop-in visits.

Day Rehabilitation is open from 8.00am until 3.00pm Monday to Friday.

Rehabilitation Physiotherapy Sydney.


Physiotherapy is a critical part of your rehabilitation and will help you recover more quickly from your injury or assist you to better manage your long-term illness. Our physiotherapists will work with you on exercises, muscle training and physical strategies to assist you in your recovery and rehabilitation. They will help you re-learn movements so that you can be physically as functional and effective as possible.

Using our onsite facilities, including the gym and hydrotherapy pool, our physiotherapists may begin with goals such as sitting, walking and balance. Ultimately, they will aim to improve your musculoskeletal wellbeing, reduce your risk of future injuries, give you greater mobility and flexibility, and help you manage and prevent ongoing pain.

Rehab Physiotherapy Sydney.


clinical exercise physiologist sydney.

Exercise Physiology

We believe exercise physiology is an important component of the rehabilitation process. Based around the global benefits of exercise, exercise physiology aims to improve your general health and well-being.

The lack of movement that can follow major trauma, illness or surgery can lead to a poor fitness, strength, endurance and general health. This is called ‘deconditioning’ and can increase the incidence of falls, reduce mobility and increase your dependence on others. Our exercise physiologists will create a personalised exercise program for you to keep you as fit, strong and healthy as possible as you pursue your other rehabilitation goals.

Exercise Physiologist Sydney.


Hydrotherapy Sydney.


The unique properties of water, including the decreased effects of gravity and the effects of buoyancy, can improve recovery and rehabilitation for many conditions. Hydrotherapy, or aquatic physiotherapy, primarily helps to build strength and improve your range of movement and function.

Other beneficial effects of water may include inducing relaxation, decreasing pain and swelling, improving mood, sleep, fitness and weight loss. You may begin with simple movements in the water, building up to water exercise classes, deep water running or fitness and even aquatic massage.

Hydrotherapy Pool Sydney.
PD Warrior Program Sydney.

PD Warrior 

Royal Rehab Private Hospital is proud to run the internationally renowned exercise program PD Warrior, which has been shown to slow the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

PD Warrior was developed by specialist neurological physiotherapists and is designed specifically for people newly diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. The program encourages participants to focus on challenging the mind and body to improve movement and delay the onset of the severe symptoms of the disease. It works by tapping into the brain’s ability to retrain itself by driving neuroplastic change. Our specially trained Royal Rehab physiotherapists deliver this group-based program in a fun and social way.

Royal Rehab Private Hospital is the first provider in the northwest region of Sydney to be approved to offer PD Warrior. For more information on the PD Warrior program, please contact (02) 9808 0522. For more information on PD Warrior watch this video.

Speech Pathology Sydney.

Speech Pathology

Your injury or illness may affect your ability to communicate or swallow. Our skilled speech pathologists can help with issues such as: difficulty understanding or expressing thoughts using language or difficulty with reading and writing (aphasia), difficulty with pronunciation, pitch, volume, speed and coordination of speech (dysarthria), difficulty coordinating the voice, lips and tongue (apraxia), cognitive-communication difficulties and dysphagia (difficulty swallowing food or liquids).

Our speech pathologists can assess your individual situation and deliver personalised, practical treatments, programs, exercises and groups to help you maximise your ability to communicate or swallow.  Our speech pathologists work with you alongside your family, friends or work colleagues.

speech therapy Sydney.
lsvt loud Sydney.


LSVT programs are evidence-based treatment protocols designed to improve the speech and movement of people with Parkinson’s disease. These programs are based on the principles of neuro plasticity – the brain’s ability to change. Our therapists are certified to deliver these specially designed one-on-one programs that will help you apply what you learn during treatment to your everyday life.

LSVT stands for Lee Silverman Voice Treatment. Lee Silverman was a woman living with Parkinson’s disease in 1980s, and the first person to benefit from specialised voice treatment. LSVT programs have been scientifically studied and developed for around 30 years, and over the past 10 years have expanded to include a physical and occupational therapy program called LSVT BIG. Today, LSVT LOUD is a speech treatment that involves a series of exercises and activities to improve voice quality and volume, articulation, inflection and intelligibility of speech. It may also assist with diminished facial expression and swallowing difficulties.

LSVT BIG is a physical exercise treatment that takes a holistic approach to improve mobility, as well as non-motor symptoms of Parkinson’s disease such as emotional and cognitive changes.  It is tailored to your individualised goals and abilities.

Occupational Therapy Sydney.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy aims to help you maximise your functional independence in everyday tasks, such as personal care, getting out of the house and transportation, preparing food, sleep and rest, cognition, memory and planning, fine motor skills, leisure, productivity and returning to work.

Once we have helped you to optimise your function, we can also recommend any equipment, modifications to your environment or memory strategies that could make everyday tasks easier and improve your independence.

occupational therapy for adults in Sydney.
dietician Sydney.


Your diet, nutritional intake and liquid intake can all be affected by your condition in a number of ways. If you have difficulty swallowing food or liquid safely for example, this can present problems maintaining adequate nutritional intake and hydration, leading to weight loss, fatigue, dehydration and muscle wasting. The extent of your physical activity will affect how much energy your body needs to maintain optimum health and ongoing lack of movement can lead to unhealthy weight gain.

Our dietician can assist you with any dietary or nutritional issues you may have, and work closely with you and the other therapists to modify your diet, optimise your nutritional intake and help ensure your weight remains at a healthy level.

Clinical dietician Sydney.

Referring to Day Rehabilitation

Prior to commencing the Day Rehabilitation program, patients need to provide the following documents:

  • Referral letter from a general practitioner or treating medical officer
  • Completed Royal Rehab Private Day Program referral form
  • Funding details (i.e. private health insurance details or compensation details if the treatment is related to Workers Compensation or a third-party claim)

Upon receipt of your referral, an appointment will be scheduled with a rehabilitation specialist who will assess you and recommend an appropriate program.

Upon receipt of this recommended program, your scheduled appointments will be organised.

To refer to Day Rehabilitation you can fill out the online or PDF referral form. 

You can contact Day Rehabilitation on (02) 9808 0522 or email us.

If you are wanting hydrotherapy as part of your program, you will need to be cleared medically by filling out the below clearance form.


To be eligible to attend the Day Rehabilitation program, clients need to meet the following criteria:

  • Have established and achievable rehabilitation goals
  • Require the involvement of a multidisciplinary team (two or more disciplines)
  • Be able to participate in a minimum of 1.5 hours of therapy per day (our half day program)
  • Be fully funded through their health fund, third party stakeholder (DVA, CTP, Workers Compensation) or be willing to self-fund the sessions
  • Be independent in mobilising between sessions (or have a family member/carer available to assist)
  • Be independent in all areas of personal care (or have a family member/carer available to assist)

We encourage you to wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing and appropriate footwear to exercise in. If hydrotherapy is part of your program, it is recommended you bring your swimwear with you, along with a change of clothing and a bag for your wet swimmers. It is expected that clients are able to independently change their clothing and use the bathroom facilities.

You do not need to bring a towel as they are provided in the hydrotherapy area.



Clients who are attending the full day program (3 hours of therapy) will receive a light lunch.

Tea/coffee and biscuits are available throughout the day at the tea trolley in our office.

There is also a café, Dolcini’s on the Hill, located in the main building, where you can purchase a wide range of refreshments.



Clients commence a four-week program, with eight scheduled appointments within this timeframe. During the program, the client’s goals and progress will be discussed at a case conference with your rehabilitation specialist. It is at this time that discharge plans will be determined, with a possible short extension if required by the client in order to achieve set goals.

RRP is part of the Royal Rehab campus. Our reception and gym are located behind the main Royal Rehab building, next to the Clive Austin Conference Centre.

You can access reception via Susan Schardt Way (off Charles St) or walk through the main building towards Recreation Circle.

The hydrotherapy pool is located on the lower ground floor of the main Royal Rehab building.

Click here to download a map of Royal Rehab.



There are a few options for parking near Royal Rehab.

  • The car park at the front of the main building can be accessed via Morrison Road. Enter the main building through the front entrance and come into the foyer. Take the steps or elevator down to the ground floor, walk out the glass doors and head towards the tennis courts. The Clive Austin Conference Centre will be on your right-hand side. The Day Rehabilitation Outpatient office is at the end of the building, marked by the purple signage.
  • Recreation Circle parking is accessed via Susan Schardt Way, off Charles Street. There is only limited parking available here, however there are a number of disabled parking spaces.
  • Outpatient short term parking can be accessed via Susan Schardt Way, off Charles Street. Drive around Recreation Circle for limited 3-hour parking.
  • Offsite street parking can be found on local streets all around the centre. Please pay attention to parking signage and be mindful of our neighbours.


We take everyone’s health and safety very seriously. If you are feeling unwell, particularly with flu or gastro symptoms, please call us to cancel your appointments.

Every person is required to be medically cleared to use the pool. Anyone with gastro-like symptoms (vomiting or diarrhoea) is not permitted to use the pool for two weeks. This is an NSW Health policy.

All wounds must be covered with a waterproof dressing prior to getting into the pool.

Post-operative wound care is required to be managed by your general practitioner. If wound care is required during your day program, a 30-minute session will be scheduled within your timetable.


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