Your Say: At Home with Keisha and Crystal

We had the opportunity to sit down and spend some time at home with the effervescent and ever-so-bubbly Keisha and her Royal Rehab support worker, Crystal.

Keisha, 25 years old, has resided in a Royal Rehab group home in the North-West Sydney region, over the last two years. She receives 24/7 care due to her condition, a combination of cerebral palsy and multiple sclerosis. Her care includes personal care, assistance with daily tasks like shopping, and recreational su pport.

From the streaks in her hair, to her unicorn plush toy named Shakira, down to her glitter nail polish, you won’t be able to miss one thing – Keisha loves all things pink! This also applies to her room which feature butterfly motifs, flowers and an abundance of stuffed animals. Her room is a clear embodiment of her personality; in her support worker Crystal’s own words, “bubbly and cheerful”.

Keisha is like any other twenty-something girl. She loves pop music; namely Justin Bieber and Shawn Mendes, she binge-watches television shows Gossip Girl and Riverdale, and most of all, she loves nothing more than to do her hair, nails and make-up, all with Crystal’s help. She is also a big fan of football and supports the West Tigers! She never misses a game and is known to cheer for her team passionately (and can sometimes be heard down the street!).

Crystal is a Royal Rehab support worker who has supported Keisha from the beginning of her Royal Rehab journey. From the moment we entered the home, it was clear that the two had a close bond. Keisha describes Crystal in three words: “pretty, funny and like a sister!”. When the tables were turned, Crystal describes Keisha as “bubbly, cheerful and compassionate”.

“Keisha puts a smile on my face. Every time I come here; I can’t help but smile.”

– Crystal, Royal Rehab support worker

The two have spent many, many days together over the last two years and have developed an outstanding rapport – one of friendship and support. “It’s the fact that we’re so close in age. It has helped me understand what she likes and what she does not like. I sit and listen to her as well,” said Crystal.

When asked about their favourite memories with each other, Keisha made it a note to say that “everyday” has been her favourite with Crystal. Though if she had to choose, she remembers the time they spent together at the Easter Show in 2019 going on rides, buying show bags and playing arcade games. Crystal’s favourite memory is a little different – it was taking Keisha to the WWE Wrestling live. “Keisha’s dad purchased some tickets for Keisha and I. She was so excited and enjoyed the crowd!”

During COVID-19, Keisha and Crystal have been making the most of their time at home by watching television shows, making arts and crafts for Keisha’s room and playing with make-up.

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