Rehab reignites adventure

Passionate world traveller, Wilma Pannikote, was busy packing her bags for a European holiday when she started having difficulty walking. A viral infection of the spine led Wilma to hospital and then onto Royal Rehab Private Hospital (RRP) for rehabilitation.

“I was suddenly confined to a wheelchair and my biggest fear was that I wouldn’t be able to walk properly ever again. My husband and I had a wonderful active life and I was anxious to get back to it,” explained Wilma.

Wilma stayed at RRP for seven weeks of intensive therapy. Upon discharge, she went onto the Day Rehabilitation program for another four months where she attended twice weekly sessions in the hydrotherapy pool and sessions with the physiotherapist and exercise physiologist.

Wilma’s rehabilitation focussed on lower limb strength, endurance and increasing her walking tolerance. This included reconditioning exercises and cardiovascular endurance such as cycling, swimming and walking.


“The staff members are exceptionally gifted at rehab and so motivating. I felt encouraged and supported the whole way. The modern facilities and hydro pool are fantastic.”

A diagnosis of inflammatory lumbar plexopathy temporarily set Wilma back in her progress, however she remained determined.

‘There were times when I felt really down but I had so much support from the health professionals at Royal Rehab that I kept motivated. Nothing will beat the moment I was able to walk into my neurologist’s office.”

Wilma and her husband have since cruised to New Zealand, taken the Indian Pacific from Adelaide to Sydney, and travelled throughout Italy… with many more adventures still to come.