Finding meaningful work post spinal cord injury

Rosie sustained a C7 AIS B spinal cord injury in a motor vehicle accident and was an In-Voc participant during her one-year inpatient admission at Royal North Shore Hospital and Royal Rehab. Rosie was determined to find work she would enjoy and used the In-Voc service to explore her options.

In-Voc is a free expert service which supports people with a spinal cord injury to explore work, studying and volunteering options. In-Voc’s specialist vocational consultants are experienced occupational therapists and rehabilitation counsellors who can provide you with expert advice and coaching.

In-Voc offers a range of services such as vocational testing and counselling, a plan for returning to study or work, advice on what to disclose about your disability to future employers, assistance with resume and interview preparation, computer assistive technologies and workplace assessments.

Rosie decided to study an administration course in 2013 and thereafter organised work experience in the office of a childcare centre.

TG’s Childcare recognised Rosie’s potential and actively encouraged Rosie to become a qualified educator, so while she was doing work experience there, she started studying childcare at TAFE. In 2015, once she was qualified, she was offered a paid position.

TG’s Childcare made reasonable accommodations for the one duty she couldn’t physically manage in the pre-schooler room, the manual handing of the nap-time beds.

Unpaid and on-the-job training was invaluable in helping Rosie to gain employment. Returning to driving was also critical to her independence and return to work.  Rosie now assists the In-Voc team as a peer contact when new participants identify an interest in working in childcare.

Watch Rosie’s story below.