Lisa develops newfound confidence and independence

For the past 21 years, 40-year-old Lisa has lived in a Royal Rehab supported accommodation home in Rosemeadow. With a mild intellectual disability, Lisa benefits from one-on-one support with her daily activities, enabling her to live as independently as possible.

“She is quite independent with her self-care,’’ said Lisa’s mum Irene.

‘’In fact, Lisa’s level of independence keeps increasing with Royal Rehab.’’

Lisa’s support worker, Teri encourages her to make her own choices such as what items to put on a shopping lists and how she will go about preparing her meals.

According to Terri, ‘’It’s the little things. For example, Lisa now sits in the front of the car when being driven to her day program or attending work, making her feel more as an equal. I can see Lisa values herself as an adult who has control over her life. It has also given her more self-confidence to make her own decisions.’’

Teri assists Lisa with her personal care and ensures that she maintains good hygiene. Lisa is encouraged to do her own clothes washing, dish washing, meal preparation and cooking which she enjoys.

“Lisa loves watching musicals, singing and dancing. You will usually hear Taylor Swift, Michael Bolton and Bon Jovi playing from her room. She is also a huge fan of the movie Frozen. We’ve organised for her to be taken to the Disney musical Frozen on ice at Capital Theatres, which she is enthusiastically looking forward to,” said Teri.

Teri encourages Lisa’s interest of dancing by regularly taking her to Zumba classes where she can express herself in a fun and supportive environment. Lisa attends a day program three days per week. In this program, she delivers meals to people assisting the Meals on Wheels service in Sydney, she attends physical fitness activities like boxing and spends time with the other program attendees out in the local community. Royal Rehab further supports Lisa’s health and wellbeing by taking her to weekly physiotherapy sessions at Optimum Health.

Lisa works at the packaging factory through Afford which she thoroughly enjoys. Royal Rehab’s support workers drive Lisa to and from work, to enable her to get to work safely and on time. When she is not at work or in her day program you will find Lisa spending time with family. Lisa is supported to tap into her creative side by Teri, where she collects feathers, makes jewellery or shops for glittery items.