EksoNR Success Story: Shaun

Shaun is one of the first clients at Royal Rehab to use our latest game-changing technology EksoNR – the world’s most advanced robotic exoskeleton. We had the opportunity to sit down with the 27-year-old to hear about his journey with a spinal cord injury and how EksoNR has fast-tracked his ability to walk.

Shaun had always lived a life in the outdoors. Based at the Central Coast, he lived and breathed sports both in his professional and personal life. It was in late 2020 when Shaun’s injury occurred; a collision with another player during an AFL game. This incident caused incomplete quadriplegia. He was flown to Royal North Shore Hospital where he spent the next six weeks, before being referred to Royal Rehab’s Spinal Injury Unit for specialist rehabilitation.

Upon coming to Royal Rehab, Shaun was reliant on a power wheelchair as his primary mobility and required a ceiling hoist and assistance of three staff to stand and take a few steps. His  goal was to regain mobility. When EksoNR therapy was presented as a therapy option to fast-track his ability to walk during therapy, Shaun jumped at the chance to try the device.

After a few sessions of EksoNR therapy, Shaun had significantly improved his speed and endurance as well as correct his gait. He was able to walk outside of the rehab gym without the use of a ceiling hoist and with reduced use of aid supports. When asked about his experiences with EksoNR verses traditional rehab, Shaun had many positive things to share. “Having technology as part of my rehab has been very exciting. I found that I was able to concentrate on one area while the device picked up the slack in other areas. The live feedback and numbers from the device also gave me the opportunity to rectify any issues immediately,” said ShaunHe also credits the staff who have assisted him during his EksoNR therapy through their “support, encouragement and specific feedback”.

Shaun recommends EksoNR as a mode of therapy for those looking to fast-track their mobility. As a word of advice for future clients, Shaun believes in being open-minded. “Make the most of your time at rehab. Get the most out of the facilities and resources available and be open to new technologies and teachings,” he said.

After three months of intensive EksoNR therapy, Shaun has made significant improvement in his walking endurance, balance and overall motor control of his legs. He has increased his steps per session by 130 per cent and has increased his walking speed from 36 seconds to 24 seconds in a 10-metre walk test. He has also reduced his level of assistance from using a rollator frame with assistance to independently mobilizing with crutches.

“If this is the beginning, I’m excited to see what’s next!”

Shaun looks forward to returning home and getting back into the community to share his rehab story.

The EksoNR advanced robotic exoskeleton is now available in Australia through Royal Rehab, delivering better and faster outcomes for people living with neurological conditions and injury such as stroke, spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, acquired brain injury and more. You can access the EksoNR through our inpatient and day rehab programs as well as through your relevant funding body such as NDIS, iCare or self-fund. For more information on the EksoNR, contact us on (02) 9808 9222 or visit us on to see how we can help you or a loved one today.