SMARTfit Mini puts the fun back into rehab

Royal Rehab Private Hospital (RRPH) is the first rehabilitation facility in Australia to adopt the revolutionary SMARTfit Mini. This game-based assistive technology offers a fun way for clients to exercise and is proven to be effective in improving symptoms for neurobehavioral diagnoses for survivors of stroke, traumatic brain injury and Parkinson’s disease.

The SMARTfit Mini trains both the body and the mind in dual tasking workouts, enhancing both physical, visual and cognitive functioning. It provides a unique and measurable activity for clients to build their endurance, lower limb balance, upper limb range of motion, cognition, and neural functioning.

One client who is benefitting from SMARTfit Mini at RRPH is 78-year-old Beshara who was referred by his general practitioner for a reconditioning program after experiencing a general decline in his health through aging. Beshara was finding it increasingly more difficult to carry out his normal daily living activities.

“Beshara’s goals were to increase his endurance, mobility and functionality so he could manage everyday activities with ease. In particular, he wanted to increase his independence with showering, dressing, laundry and grocery shopping,” explained Royal Rehab’s occupational therapist Nikki.

The SMARTfit Mini activities required Beshara to practice reaching overhead, squatting, bending and using both hands at the same time by engaging in fun exercises by using interactive games. The clinicians gradually increased the intensity of these programs by making Beshara sit to stand, moving the chair further away from the board and provide him with less time to complete the task.


“Throughout the program, Beshara has made significant progress towards his goals. In addition, he has improved his endurance level from requiring multiple rest breaks in between each activity to completing 15 minutes straight of activity with no rest breaks,’’ said Nikki.

According to Beshara, exercise is no longer boring.

“Exercise with SMARTfit Mini is actually enjoyable and it makes me have to think quickly and be alert.’’