The road to freedom

When a hip replacement surgery left Sister Anne with nerve damage that affected the use of her right foot and leg, she lost the joy and freedom of being able to drive.

“I’d forgotten the joy of getting back into the car and just being able to go.”

Anne was referred to Royal Rehab’s Driver Assessment and Training and was able to work with Royal Rehab’s qualified team of occupational therapists and driving instructors to regain her confidence, skills, and freedom to drive again.

Royal Rehab’s Driver Assessment and Training promotes safety and independence with driving for persons with a range of disabilities or medical illnesses.  Our trained therapists and rehabilitation driving instructors work with clients to assess, advise and offer support through all the necessary steps toward independent driving. This includes access to trial a vast range of vehicle modifications such as left foot accelerator, various hand controls, electronic brakes and accelerators, spinner knobs, satellite accelerators and voice prompting systems.

Once a car is modified, Royal Rehab assists clients in undertaking their RMS disability test with the confidence that they can drive safely with any prescribed adjustments.

Anne learnt how to drive effectively again and control the car with her left foot, after her car was modified.

“They were very good, the lessons. I must say I appreciated it very much. It has given me back my confidence.”

After having driven for more than 50 years, Sister Anne said it has been wonderful to be able to drive again and regain her independence and freedom post injury.

Watch Anne’s story below.