A New Chapter for Harrison

Harrison spent almost 10 months at Royal Rehab’s Brain Injury Unit for rehabilitation. The Brain Injury Community Rehabilitation Team (BICRT) was instrumental upon his return home, playing a vital role in Harrison’s return to work and increased independence in daily living.

It was in August 2018 that Harrison was first admitted to Royal Rehab’s Brain Injury Unit, after a series of shunt operations and recurrent seizures. At the time, he was non-verbal, fully dependent and required daily assistance with walking, eating, and drinking. “The Brain Injury Unit was my life and my home,” said Harrison.

Harrison spent a total of ten months at Royal Rehab. “It was in February 2019 that I was able to achieve many milestones in a short amount of time. I took my first steps with a walking train and in the same week, I started being able to talk and process small bits of food,” said Harrison.

After leaving rehab in May 2019, Harrison worked with Royal Rehab’s Brain Injury Community Rehab Team to assist him in his transition back to everyday life.

The team was integral to helping Harrison find work and put in the necessary requirements in place. “The team aligned with my employment agency, Max Solutions, to help manage my hours, review my duties and put the necessary steps in place like regular breaks.”

Initially a casual inventory assistant for a medical device company, after a few months and a period of hiatus, Harrison was promoted to Marketing Assistant – a role which he thoroughly enjoys. To further assist his independence, Harrison attended weekly occupational therapy sessions to focus on improving his divided attention and capacity to use external memory strategies in work-related tasks.

A big part of his transition back home was re-training  Harrison’s focus for work and life physically and mentally. The BICRT team assisted him to regain his ability to self-manage his own appointments and medications along with any other daily routines. The team also added regular appointments and tasks in his phone calendar with reminder alerts not to be missed. Harrison also attended weekly speech pathology sessions, focusing on increasing his speech intelligibility and naturalness. Some of the exercises included taking deep breaths, being mindful of mouth posture and expiratory muscle training.

Harrison is now completely independent and has been driving for 10 months!

Harrison had some advice for future clients of Royal Rehab.

“You have to focus on your end goal – every little step is a milestone towards that end goal.”

– Harrison, client

Harrison is truly grateful for everyone who supported and assisted him in his recovery – family, friends and the entire Brain Injury Community Rehab team.

“The people at Royal Rehab don’t just do it for the money. It takes a special kind of person to work there and the people I’ve worked with are there for the right reasons,” said Harrison.

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