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If you have experienced illness, injury or disability, occupational therapy can help you to develop, recover and retain the skills you need for daily living, working and community participation. Be amazed at what you can achieve with occupational therapy – one of our most popular disciplines at Royal Rehab.

What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy, commonly referred to as OT, aims to help you maximise your functional independence in everyday tasks, such as personal care, getting out of the house and transportation, preparing food, sleep and rest, memory and planning, fine motor skills and returning to work. Part of this might include equipment, modifications to your environment or cognitive strategies that can make everyday tasks easier and improve your independence. 

Our occupational therapists at Royal Rehab in Sydney are trained and regulated practitioners who work as part of a multidisciplinary team of allied health professionals to support you to achieve your goals.

Who is Occupational Therapy for?

Occupational therapy can be helpful for people with a wide range of health conditions. Occupational therapy is particularly beneficial if you have been affected by major trauma, rehabilitation post-surgery, and have a neurological condition such as Parkinson’s diseasemultiple sclerosis or experienced a stroke. At Royal Rehab, we provide treatment to adults over 16 years of age.

What are the benefits of Occupational Therapy?

The benefits of occupational therapy include:

  • Increased independence
  • Increased movement range
  • Greater functionality
  • Improved strength
  • Upper limb and arm strengthing 
  • Improved hand coordination 
  • Improved endurance
  • Enhance cognitive skills including memory 
  • Reduce risk of falls 
  • A safer home environment 

Achieve Your Goals

Your situation is unique. Our caring health professionals will work with you to first understand your goals and then design a personalised evidence-based program to help you to reach them. The team will review and assess your progress along the way and make any necessary adjustments to aid your development. Providing you with knowledge and skills to manage your wellbeing is also an important part of our service.

Benefit from a multidisciplinary approach to rehabilitation

Our rehabilitation programs are individualised to help you to achieve your goals. We take a holistic approach to your wellbeing with a multidisciplinary team of caring and skilled clinicians ready to support you to feel strong and empowered. At Royal Rehab, you can access individual therapies or benefit from the most appropriate combination of therapies. As well as occupational therapy, we also offer physiotherapy, social work, dietetics, speech therapy, hydrotherapy and more. 

How do I access Occupational Therapy?

You can access occupational therapy through our Community Rehabilitation Service or Royal Rehab Private Hospital. Through our Community Rehabilitation Service you can receive therapy in the convenience of your home, at our Ryde campus or in locations around the community. 

Occupational therapy is also available via telehealth through our Community Rehabiliation Service. 

At Royal Rehab Private Hospital, you can access occupational therapy as part of our Day Rehab program based at our modern and spacious facilities at Ryde. 

Referrals and Funding

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Private Hospital Referrals & Funding

To access the Day Rehab program, you will require GP referral and a completed Royal Rehab Private Day program referral form.

You may be eligible for full funding through your health fund, third party or stakeholder (DVA, CTP, Workers Compensation), or be willing to self-fund the sessions. Please note, this program can be funded through most major health insurance companies.

For more information on social work or on our Day Rehabilitation program, please contact (02) 9808 0522 to discuss.

Community Referrals & Funding

You can access occupational therapy at Royal Rehab under our Community Rehabilitation Service by contacting us directly. We do not require a referral from a health professional. You will simply be asked to complete an information form to help us understand your needs.

Your clinical therapies program may be funded through the NDIS (under Improved Daily Living or Social and Community Participation), icare or third-party insurers. You can also pay for the program as an individual. For more information, contact one of our experts today via or call us on 9808 9369

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Our clinical therapies are available via telehealth

This is a great alternative to face-to-face consultations if you live in a remote or rural area, live a busy life or are impacted by Government restrictions. Stay connected, stay motivated and keep working towards your goals.