Rehabilitation Care Coordinators – By Our Patients’ Sides

MetroRehab Hospital has introduced rehabilitation care coordinators to provide personalised and enhanced customer experience for our inpatients.

Three dedicated rehab care coordinators — all allied health professionals with expertise in neurological, cancer, orthopaedic and other rehab areas — have been appointed to the roles. From the time of referral and throughout admission, treatment, discharge and post-hospital follow-up, the rehab care coordinators are by our patients’ sides to inform, empower and support them.

Nick Edwards, General Manager of MetroRehab Hospital, said, “We are committed to providing our patients with an exceptional customer experience. From past experience and patient feedback, we know that having a familiar face throughout the journey can be of great value.”

Meet our Rehab Care Coordinators

“It is most rewarding to meet a patient, witness their improvement and progress, and use my expertise to help guide them.”
Caleb Showyin
Orthopaedics, reconditioning & post–spinal surgery care coordinator
“Progressing to rehab for most patients can be a little daunting. I enjoy being able to utilise my understanding of rehabilitation to help patients and their families prepare for their journey, and continuing to assist them throughout.”
Brittany Ainge
Cancer, brain tumour & neurosurgery care coordinator
“I enjoy educating and empowering clients, as well as their families, friends and community members, to help them achieve their goals and link them into other services or support networks.”
Virginia Agosti
Stroke & neuro rehab care coordinator