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Getting back to business with John

From meeting Prime Ministers and Indigenous leaders, to producing Dancing with the Stars and the ARIAS, John had a successful and well-seasoned career as a

Warren gets back to work after stroke

51-year-old community bank manager Warren is used to turning heads, his younger self no doubt attracting attention as he drove about in a metallic green

SMARTfit Mini puts the fun back into rehab

Royal Rehab Private Hospital (RRPH) is the first rehabilitation facility in Australia to adopt the revolutionary SMARTfit Mini. This game-based assistive technology offers a fun

Getting back to the farm

It was a day like any other on the cattle farm for Stephen Wood. He set out early on his tractor to spread fertilizer across

Rehab reignites adventure

Passionate world traveller, Wilma Pannikote, was busy packing her bags for a European holiday when she started having difficulty walking. A viral infection of the

Learning hand controls

Graeme was injured on 26 March 2014 when he was shot in his front yard in Merrylands. The bullet entered his spine and caused him