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A New Chapter for Harrison

Harrison spent almost 10 months at Royal Rehab’s Brain Injury Unit for rehabilitation. The Brain Injury Community Rehabilitation Team (BICRT) was instrumental upon his return

Horsing around to be great leaders

Can horses really teach us to be great leaders? Whilst they certainly are majestic and beautiful, these amazing creatures can actually offer a unique approach

Shan shines with Royal Rehab support

“Here at her fully-supported home on Charles Street Ryde, staff go above and beyond their job requirements — it feels like family.’’ – Richard, Shan’s

At Home with Andrew

“Royal Rehab has been a constant in my life. The staff care, understand, and provide continuous support. I’ve been part of the Royal Rehab family

EksoNR Success Story: Alex

In October 2018, Alex was doing what he loved most – playing rugby. The rising sports star was training with the Under-17 NSW Rugby Sevens

EksoNR Success Story: Manooshak

Australian-first tech is light at the end of the tunnel for 77-year-old stroke-survivor Manooshak For over 50 years, Manooshak (which translates into Violet) has welcomed

EksoNR Success Story: Shaun

Shaun is one of the first clients at Royal Rehab to use our latest game-changing technology EksoNR – the world’s most advanced robotic exoskeleton. We

EksoNR Success Story: Ken

As one of the first clients to use the EksoNR –the world’s most advanced robotic exoskeletons, we sat down with Royal Rehab Private Hospital client


Getting back to business with John

From meeting Prime Ministers and Indigenous leaders, to producing Dancing with the Stars and the ARIAS, John had a successful and well-seasoned career as a

Warren gets back to work after stroke

51-year-old community bank manager Warren is used to turning heads, his younger self no doubt attracting attention as he drove about in a metallic green