For Visitors


At Royal Rehab, we recognise that visitors are an important part of the recovery process and we welcome family, friends and well-wishers to our facility.


However, our hospital is first and foremost a place of treatment and recovery, so we ask that visitors always keep this in mind. Adhering to the following guidelines and our visiting hours helps to ensure the needs of our patients are respected and our hospital continues to operate as smoothly as possible.

Visiting Hours


Brain Injury Unit

Weekdays: 3.00pm – 8.00pm

Weekends & Public Holidays: 10.00am – 8.00pm


Spinal Injury Unit

Weekdays: 3.00pm – 9.00pm

Weekends & Public Holidays: 10.00am – 9.00pm


Royal Rehab Private Hospital

Weekdays: 3.00pm – 8.00pm

Weekends & Public Holidays: 12.00pm – 8.00pm


Unable to Visit?

If you are unable to visit during these hours, please contact the nurse in charge and every effort will be made to make alternative arrangements.

Guidelines for Visitors


Phone Before Visit

Phone ahead and speak with the patient or with the nurses’ station before you visit. This ensures the patient is ready to receive visitors and allows you to check when would be the most convenient time to come. Patients’ circumstances are all different and some may not be ready for visitors.


Visit Outside of Therapy Times

We request that visits take place outside therapy times unless visitors are being trained to assist the patient with their therapy or ongoing needs. All our patients have individual rehabilitation programs with structured timetables so they will be away from their rooms during certain periods of each day.


Two Visitors Maximum

The number of visitors to the Brain Injury Unit is limited to no more than two at any one time. This is so our patients do not tire and there is minimal disruption to other people. The health professionals may reduce the number of visitors allowed to see individual patients in certain circumstances, if it is in the patient’s best interest. When this occurs, it is arranged in consultation with the next of kin.


Wash Your Hands

We encourage visitors to wash their hands before and after a visit to reduce the transfer of infections. Hand sanitation creams are provided throughout the facility. Hand hygiene is an important part of our commitment to meeting hospital safety standards.


Under 12 Years

Visitors to the Spinal Injury Unit and the Private Hospital who are under 12 years of age are to be under the supervision of an adult at all times.


Under 18 Years

Visitors to the Brain Injury Unit who are under 18 years of age must be supervised by an adult. Patients with traumatic brain injury often have impairments that can be confronting for minors.


Respect the Equipment

As a specialist rehabilitation facility, we have a range of equipment such as wheelchairs and gym gear on-site that is specifically for the use of our clients. Please note that this equipment is not to be used by visitors.


Smoke Free

Royal Rehab is a smoke free environment with the exception of the designated smoking area which is located on Recreation Circle near the Sports Courts. No smoking is permitted on any other areas of the grounds.


If Unwell

Do not visit the facility if you are unwell. This helps to prevent the spread of infections into the hospital environment.



We request that no photos are taken of any other patients or of Royal Rehab staff members during a visit to our facility. This is to protect the privacy of individuals in our care and employment.


After Hours Access

If accessing the building between 9pm and 7am, please phone the After Hours Nurse Manager on 0412 254 279 or Security on 0447 211 398.

Contacting a Patient

Each room in Royal Rehab Private Hospital has an individual phone line. Patients and next of kin are provided this direct number upon admission. To phone a patient in Royal Rehab Private, please call our main reception desk on 02 9809 6071, Monday to Friday between the hours of 8.30am and 4.30pm, and request to be put through.

Please note that there are no direct lines to patients in our Spinal Injury Unit or Brain Injury Unit. We recommend you contact the next of kin or alternatively, you can call the nurses’ station and staff will assist where possible.

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