The Tea Room Series Session 6 – Sexuality, Taboo and Shame

Join the Royal Rehab Sexuality Service for an online series of presentations, conversations, and interactive learning about sex, sexuality and disability. “The Tea Room Series” includes 6 online sessions. Each stand alone in content.

Session Six is the final session of this 6 part series where we will look at Sexuality, Taboo and Shame.

Exploring the world of fantasy, kinks, fetish and shame in the context of disability.

Learn how to become a safe and supportive person to assist people living with disability to live without shame when it comes to their sexual life.

This session will bring together sex positivity, inclusive practice to provide safe and affirming psychosocial support.

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About the presenters

Candice Care-Unger (She/Her) is a Social Worker and Psychosexual Therapist with more than 16 years experience in the rehabilitation, disability and injury sector. She currently works as the Royal Rehab Sexuality Services Team Leader.

Arlyn Owens (He/Him) is a CNC in Psychosexual Therapy. He has a Bachelor of Nursing and a master’s is sexual health and reproduction (Psychosexual Therapy). Prior to working at the Royal Rehab Sexuality Services Arlyn worked in Primary health, sexual health and critical care specialties. Whilst he was a nursing student, he was a personal support worker for people living with spinal cord injury and traumatic brain injury.

Arlyn and Candice are both members of the Society of Australian Sexologists (SAS).

Event Details

Start Date/Time

Thursday, 25 November 2021, 12:30 pm

End Date/Time

Thursday, 25 November 2021, 1:30 pm