COVID-19 Update - Disability Services


Royal Rehab is committed to keeping our residents, staff and the wider community safe during the evolving pandemic. We thank you for your cooperation and support. Until further notice, the following applies at our Disability Services accommodation:

  • Masks are required to be worn by staff at our Disability Services homes.
  • Staff will be screened prior to entry to our Disability Services homes. 
  • Visitors are not permitted  except in exceptional circumstances. Visitors are encouraged to make phone calls or arrange online meetings with their loved ones instead. Please contact your accommodation manager prior to visiting. 

Should your accommodation manager approve a visit on exceptional circumstances grounds, do not enter our facilities if:

  • You feel unwell in any way.
  • You have been to any of the locations or travelled on nominated public transport routes, during the time and date indicated, in the “Self-isolate and get tested immediately if you’ve been to these locations” or “Monitor for symptoms if you’ve been to these locations” or “Public transport routes” tables at NSW Government – Latest news and updates
  • You have travelled internationally in the last 14 days,
  • You have visited any of the NSW hotspots as identified on the Australian Government website,
  • You have been in contact with anyone with a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19.

You are to wear a surgical mask for the duration of the visit. Everyone is reminded of the importance of maintaining social distancing, performing regular hand hygiene, and adhering to infection control guidelines.


Stay Up to Date on COVID Hotspots


NSW Government is identifying locations where there has been confirmed cases of COVID-19 and advising if you have been to any of these on the specified dates and times to:

  • Immediately self-isolate until 14 days after you were last there.
  • Get tested even if you have no symptoms.
  • Watch for COVID-19 symptoms and get retested should any symptoms recur.
  • Even if you get a negative test, you must stay in isolation for 14 days.

You are encouraged to stay up-to-date and informed on the hotspots by visiting the following website 


Further instructions and advices specific to residential disability care facilities can be found at


For information on restrictions around travelling to NSW from interstate visit


Thank you for your continued support.