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Volunteering is a rewarding activity – both for the community and for those who volunteer their time and skills to make a difference. People from all walks of life volunteer with Royal Rehab; students volunteer to gain work experience and skills, similarly others volunteer to build up different skills, knowledge and experiences and make new friends. Volunteering can be a lot of fun and a great way to make a difference to the lives of others.

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Royal Rehab has a range of volunteering opportunities and we will endeavour to match volunteers to enable us to provide quality services. Where would you like to volunteer? (You may tick several areas if you wish)*


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Please provide two personal referees who are not relatives. Please ensure that your referees have been advised that they have been nominated to support this application and that you consent to them being contacted in regard to this application.

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It is absolutely essential to treat any personal details of medical, social or family history of a patient as STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL. Any information which may come into your possession by virtue of your volunteering is not to be divulged to unauthorised persons and you are to be particularly careful that you do not, even innocently, raise matters relating to any patient’s illness or personal details in general conversation. Royal Rehab takes a very serious view of failure to observe any breach of the patient’s privacy. This places both Royal Rehab and the individual concerned at risk of legal action and its consequences and may constitute grounds for dismissal. All external requests for patient information must be directed to your supervisor.*

Royal Rehab is a smoke-free workplace. Volunteer photo identification badges must be worn at all times. Where volunteer Polo Shirts are provided, volunteers are expected to wear these while volunteering. When uniforms are not provided, volunteers are expected to maintain an appropriate standard of dress as outlined in the Royal Rehab Uniform/Dress Code. Volunteers will be required to participate in appropriate WH&S and emergency management training to ensure their health and the health and safety of others who may be affected by their activities. (iv) Volunteers are engaged by Royal Rehab under the terms and conditions of: (a) Royal Rehab’s policies/practices (b) Adhering to the Volunteer protocols and requirements, including completing online training modules.*

From time to time we take photos, videos, sound recordings and interviews of our volunteers for our promotional purposes.I give consent to: (a) be interviewed (b) have photographs taken of me (c) have sound recordings made of me and (d) be recorded on a video or to be filmedby Royal Rehab and any services it manages or by any contractors engaged by Royal Rehab.I understand all rights, including all present and future property rights, in the photograph(s), video, film, sound recordings and interview content will be the property of Royal Rehab. I give my consent for the photograph(s), video, film, sound recordings and interview content to be used in whole or partly by Royal Rehab in any media and in any publication, reproduction, transmission, distribution, performance, dissemination or display now in existence or in the future without any further reference to myself and without remuneration to myself.*

Successful volunteers will be engaged for a three-month trial period. If necessary, this will be reviewed at regular intervals by the Manager of Volunteer Services. The purpose behind this is to give you an opportunity to decide if Royal Rehab is the place you wish to be a volunteer. It also gives Royal Rehab an opportunity to decide if you are suited to this type of volunteering.

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