About Us


The contribution of volunteers at Royal Rehab is priceless.

Throughout our facility and in our clients’ homes across Sydney, our volunteers generously give their time and share their talents.

Volunteering is a rewarding experience which makes a difference to people’s lives and impacts the person who they support. Every moment has the potential to benefit the quality of life and health outcomes of people who are living with a life changing illness or injury.

Just some of the ways you can volunteer

  • Provide company and conversation
  • Help with rehabilitation practice, improving communication or mobility
  • Provide pastoral care or chaplaincy
  • Give practical help during meals
  • Provide travel assistance
    Assist with our events
  • Supervise our support dog whilst she provides companionship to dog-loving clients
  • Assist with administrative support
Volunteers Royal Rehab Sydney

What we ask of volunteers

Apart from your enthusiasm, compassion and discretion, we ask for a regular time commitment. Weekly, fortnightly or monthly is fine, but consistency is essential. Different volunteer roles have varying minimum time commitments, starting at one hour per week.


“I get more from volunteering than I give. I have learnt so much from Jamie particularly the value of patience. He never gives up, even when things get difficult. I forget my own disabilities when I am with him.” – Edwin Ikwu, volunteer.

How to become a volunteer

Please fill out the online volunteer application or PDF volunteer application form and return to Volunteer Services.

How to become a volunteer

If you would like to know more, phone our Volunteer Services Manager on (02) 9808 9638 or email.

Volunteer FAQs

Sharing your time, energy and compassion makes a real difference to people who have experienced a life-changing event. Your volunteer support extends our capacity to do more for more people. Volunteering with Royal Rehab makes you part of our community and can give you new skills.

It can also have positive effects for obtaining paid work. Apart from giving you relevant skills for related industries, many employers consider volunteer work in job candidates as a clear statement of their community commitment and willing to do more than the minimum.