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The Royal Rehab Foundation funds a range of programs, initiatives and services that build higher levels of independence and greater quality of life for people living with a disability.



Help build our Assistive Technology Hub

For most people technology brings convenience. For people with disabilities technology has the power to be life changing… if only they could access it.

Robotics, virtual reality and exoskeletons for example are changing lives, giving people hope, restoring meaning. Currently because of costs and access these technologies are not available in our country. Every Australian deserves to benefit from technology regardless of income or where they live. You can help us make this vision a reality.

The 2019 Chairman’s Dinner

The 2019 Chairman’s Dinner kick started our campaign to raise funds for assistive technologies. Donors, stakeholders and staff came together to help re-imagine the future for people with disabilities.

Watch our video, see the Ekso GT exoskeleton on show for the first time in Australia and hear the inspiring stories of two amazing gentlemen living with spinal cord injury.


Help others discover their potential

Engaging in work, study or volunteering is proven to be good for health and well-being. Yet for people with disabilities, the statistics show that the barriers to these pursuits can be markedly high – 41 per cent of people with mild limitations are unemployed in Australia and graduates with disability take 56.2 per cent longer to gain full-time employment.

Royal Rehab’s In-Voc vocational rehabilitation service supports people who have sustained a spinal cord injury to explore work, study and volunteering opportunities. Your support can help fund this important work.

Help someone find their passion

Through Royal Rehab’s adaptive sport, recreation and leisure program, support is provided to people with disabilities to return to the things they love or discover new interests. Clients benefit from the expertise of our skilled recreational therapists who develop individually tailored programs in a broad range of activities such as cycling, yoga, gardening, fishing, beach access, tennis and much more.

Help support someone with a disability get back into the things they love today.


Empower independence

The ability to drive brings a level of freedom that most of us take for granted. For people with disabilities,  losing their ability to drive can represent yet another barrier to living a full life.

Our Driver Assessment and Training service offers assessments and lessons for people with disabilities with our specially qualified occupational therapists and driving instructors. The service also offers defensive driving techniques and driver education as well as access to modified vehicles.

Help someone with a disability get back in the driver’s seat today.


The Royal Rehab Foundation

Our foundation is a registered charity with Australian Company Number 000 025 794.

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