A career at Royal Rehab is an opportunity to make a difference with an iconic organisation recognised as a leader in rehabilitation and disability support.


We pride ourselves on our skilled workforce which is committed to delivering the very best for the people we serve. Representing a broad range of different professions, our people are united by our values and inspired by a commitment to clinical excellence, education and research, and personalised care.

We continually strive to make Royal Rehab a great place to work. We believe in creating an environment that supports our employees and enables them to do their best. We encourage personal and professional development through ongoing learning and development, and we appropriately remunerate and reward for performance.

An equal opportunity employer, Royal Rehab encourages inclusiveness and diversity in our recruitment process and employment practices are in place that ensure existing and potential employees compete on their merits.

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If you are interested in a rewarding career in a values-driven organisation committed to honesty, respect, working together and innovative thinking, we encourage you to explore our extensive benefits and current vacancies.

Why work for Royal Rehab?

As a not-for-profit organisation, Royal Rehab staff members can take part of their income as a tax-free benefit. Salary packaging reduces the amount of tax paid, resulting in more take-home income. Royal Rehab staff members can choose to salary package up to a maximum of $15,900 per fringe benefit tax year on items such as their mortgage, rent, school tuition fees, private health insurance, groceries and utility bills.

Royal Rehab also allows staff to salary package a further amount up to $2,550 for meal and entertainment benefits.

For further information on salary packaging visit Maxxia, our salary packaging provider.

Royal Rehab allows employees to salary sacrifice a nominated amount of earnings pre-tax to their superannuation fund through a payroll deduction. This nominated amount can be either a defined dollar amount or a defined percentage each payroll.

As an affiliated health organisation of NSW Health, Royal Rehab may accommodate the continuation of service and transfer of accrued leave entitlements from other public health facilities within NSW.

We are proud of our culture of continuous learning at Royal Rehab where we support the ongoing education of our staff. Structured on-the-job training is available as well as opportunities to study and develop externally. Additionally, we have partnerships in place with external education providers to facilitate training in order to ensure best practice and career growth.

A commitment to research has underpinned the work of Royal Rehab for decades and we have a long history of leading research projects and collaborating with external researchers. Royal Rehab’s research covers many domains and we encourage staff members to be involved in research that drives advancements in rehabilitation and disability services.

In 2018, education and research were elevated as priority objectives for Royal Rehab with the establishment of a dedicated centre – the Ducati Owners Club of NSW Education and Research Hub.

Royal Rehab is a multifaceted organisation and we provide our employees with many opportunities for growth and promotion. We support and promote career moves across the organisation and secondments within the broader NSW Health network. This offers an opportunity for our employees to continually develop and expand their skills and experience.

Royal Rehab understands that flexible work options are important and believe that staff should have a healthy work-life balance. As an organisation we try to accommodate your responsibilities away from work and we offer a range of work options such as full-time, part-time, casual hours and job-share arrangements.

As a staff member of Royal Rehab, you may be eligible for paid maternity/paternity leave, family and community services leave and study leave.

Our Employee Assistance Program is a free 24-hour counselling service available to all employees. It’s a confidential counselling service to members of staff who may need support with personal or workplace problems that are affecting their wellbeing.

Our values

Royal Rehab has built and continues to foster a values-driven organisation where our staff are united in living our core beliefs. Our values underpin the decisions of both individuals and teams and guide us in our decision making to ensure we bring the best of ourselves to each other and the people we serve.




We conduct ourselves with truth, openness and integrity.



We acknowledge and appreciate people’s rights, roles, views and feelings.


Working Together

We work as a team to achieve shared goals.


Innovative Thinking

We embrace a culture of creativity to find the best solutions.

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