Brain Injury
Rehab Team

The Brain Injury Community Rehab Team (BICRT) is part of the NSW state-wide Brain Injury Program.

BICRT provides clients who have sustained a traumatic brain injury with a comprehensive, multidisciplinary rehabilitation program. Our programs are customised for each client and are goal-directed, meaning the focus is on what the client wants to achieve and the areas that are important to them in their daily life.


BICRT is a team of specialised clinicians who have extensive experience in the area of adult brain injury.


We are pleased to offer our rehabilitation programs in the convenience of our client’s homes, the local community and at Royal Rehab.


Our clients are assessed by a Rehabilitation Medicine Physician and subsequent referral to BICRT is made based on suitability of the service to best meet the client’s rehabilitation needs.


Programs may focus on areas including cognitive, physical and functional rehabilitation; adjustment to injury; psychological and emotional wellbeing; returning to work, study and driving; community access and family and carer support.


The programs are time-limited with most clients achieving the goals they have set with their therapists within 6 to 12 months. Many clients continue to see improvements long after they have finished working with the team.

Get started or refer to this service

Referrals to BICRT require initial assessment by the Rehabilitation Medicine Physician. This requires a medical referral from a General Practitioner, hospital physician or medical specialist.
Referral criteria:
    • Recent traumatic brain injury (other brain injuries will be considered)
    • Adults of working age
    • Lives in north-eastern metropolitan Sydney (BICRT referral region)
    • Medical stability
    • Active rehab goals and willingness to participate.

Brain Injury Community Rehab is available via telehealth

This is a great alternative to face-to-face consultations if you live a busy life or are impacted by Government restrictions. Stay connected, stay motivated and keep working towards your goals.